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Walking canes?
Envoyé par: vanwijkusa (Adresse IP journalisée)
Date: mer. 2 juin 2010 13:39:12

If you examine the photograph of Jannes van Wijk (see Portraits at www.stehelene.org), you will see that he is holding a cane. The full photograph is of him and his wife, who is to his right. So he was placing the cane in the front center of the photograph, in a way that it was certain to be clearly visible.

The story has come down in our family that he was given the cane by either Napoleon or Napoleon III and that the cane had the French flag embedded (apparently in the handle).

Were such canes given by Napoleon III to those who received the medaille de Sainte-Helene? Were they given to all recipients or only to some of the recipients?

Re: Walking canes?
Envoyé par: Sylvain METIVIER (Adresse IP journalisée)
Date: ven. 11 juin 2010 17:40:13


Napoleon III just gave medails to all old fighters. Nothing more.

Only french can have money since 1851. Those old men, living in France, were not rich so in 1849 Louis Napoleon, first french president, decided to give them a help in some money.

In 1857 Napoleon IIIrd decided to give to all old fighters, and women too, the Medaille de Sainte Helene. It was allowed to all those who were in the french army beetween 1792 (valmy) and 1815 (Waterloo).

Well, perhaps someone gave to this dutch old men the cane, but there is no relation with the medal.


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